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إطلاق إضافة/حفظ المنتج

You often need to get things done on time, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It can be a hassle to re-enter your information every time you add an income for a product. Imagine you’re in a hurry and need to urgently add an income for a specific product. You open the app and see the list of necessities you now have to manually enter for the 100th time. Annoying right? 

Now you’re wondering, ‘well yeah, that can be annoying, but what can we do, right? It’s a necessary step we can’t skip.’ 

We’re happy to say you’re wrong. You can now skip this step and directly jump to your destination. This is possible because Metric has now introduced an Add and Save Product Detail. The Metric team works hard and diligently to ensure users get the best experience while using the Metric App. 

How does this Add/Save Product work? 

  1. Enter your information 

After you add a product to the Metric app, you need to follow its instructions initially. Simply typing in basics is all that will be required. Add the items as per your need.

  1. Add and Save

After you have added the information of the specific product or products, you simply let the Metric app save that information on the app itself. 

For each product you add to the Metric app, it will save the information accordingly. There won’t be a hassle to re-enter information each time you want to add an income for a specific product. 

  1. Enjoy efficiency and work faster and better.

Now that your information is auto-saved on the Metric app, you need to select the product you wish to work with and autofill the necessary information. 

This way, you’ll be working much more efficiently and quickly. It saves you time and relieves you from the pressure of remembering specifics for multiple products and incomes. 

Benefits of using Add/Save Product

  • Add products/services to invoice and income.
  • List of all products in one place
  • Autofill product details
  • توفير الوقت.