Metric – The most founder friendly finance app in the world!

Simple to Understand Financial Analytics For Every Founder

Make smarter business decisions through real-time insights into acquisition costs, retention, revenue per user and more!

130K+ Businesses
Signed up

Used in 190+

Transactions added
in 144 currencies

$3.7+ Million GTV Processed

Simple yet Powerful

Set up automations.

Save up-to 10 accounting hours every week

Integrate instantly.

Bring all your financial data and insights in one place

Generate reports in seconds.

Track profit, loss, customers, products and more through smart reports.

Automate Your Workflow


Set up in 30 Seconds


Integrate with your favorite tools


Get Real-time Insights on the Dashboard


Automate Reporting and Analysis


Get Financial Advisory Powered by Metric AI, Max

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Founders Love Metric

This app is excellent for keeping track of expenses, gross profit and net income.

Ederexia Mir

Really like the updated dashboard, provides a clear snapshot of my business's performance.

Farhat Bashir

I appreciate the app’s simplicity and efficiency. As a small business owner with no accounting background, auto generated reports - in real time are the highlight for me. It saves me from the hassle of calculating my profit and loss manually every month.

Hasan Murad

It’s the Obvious Choice!

  • Financial advisors charge 1000’s of dollars! Metric is $79/month
  • No need to be an expert in finance. Metric is built for founders, not finance experts
  • No one sees your data except you. It’s encrypted for everyone unless you allow access

Used Across Industries (to be added)